Partnering with You to Provide Better Service

We value our realtor partners

We're all in this together. That's why we're committed to providing the best service to both our customers and our real estate partners. We work hard to make the home buying experience simple and easy. Keeping you and your client informed throughout the process. So everyone is confident, from the beginning of the loan to closing, and beyond.

Diamond Lane Lending means same day underwriting guaranteed for clients that meet the requirements.

Start to finish local, in-house processing with a dedicated operations team provides you better efficiency and oversight.

Renaissance Program brings flexible lending to your clients that are self-employed, foreign, or have had recent credit issues.

A Marketing team dedicated to you. Creating co-branded marketing, professional listing pages, and more.

Fannie and Freddie direct lender, minimal overlays Ginnie Mae 1 and 2 seller and servicer.

A First Cal app that allows you and your clients to stay connected and informed throughout the process.

Work with a First Cal Loan Officer

A local Loan Advisor partners with you to provide great loans, meaningful insights and the best service to your clients.

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